Grass-Roots Rugby Sponsorship

Renew IT is heavily involved in the local community, particularly Grassroots Rugby. With a range of sponsorship ties over the past decade which include local schools and district clubs such as Oakhill College, Parramatta/Western Sydney Two Blues, Randwick Rugby Club, Beecroft Rugby Club and Hills Rugby Club.

Through local community engagement, the funds provided to clubs have gone towards an increase of training resources for players as well as club amenities. Renew IT believes all junior sporting activities are crucial for children’s social and physical growth whilst teaching valuable lessons of respect, discipline, patience, and perseverance.

From the financial funding, clubs have been able to build and renovate clubhouses to provide players with greater amenities free of charge whilst providing a ‘safe place’ for players facing personal difficulties. Other involvements include over 10-years of coaching, which has led to Premiership wins, international rugby tours and rebuilding of club culture, driving community inclusivity.

Professional Rugby Sponsorship

Renew IT has expanded our sponsorship across the Tasman in New Zealand and are now proud sponsors of the Tasman Makos in the Bunnings NPC Competition.

During a COVID-affected season in 2020, Renew IT extended our sponsorship with the Waratah’s to support the New South Wales Positive Rugby Foundation and donated $1, 000.00 for every try scored during home games. With 11 tries scored within the season, Renew IT contributed an additional $9,000.00 to achieve the Foundations’ goal of $20,000. 00. The funds raised are donated directly to junior grassroots rugby players covering registration fees, insurances, and levies to enable players to access the game in the light of ongoing financial hardship.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our club, as there are a number of children who, without this money, would not be able to have the opportunity to engage and learn the art of rugby. On behalf of the Bourke Junior Rams Rugby [club], a huge thank you for offering this to our small but very passionate club.

“We are going to have very excited young Rams on the paddock this year!” Julie Bowden, Bourke Junior Rams Ruby Club.

Inspiring Minds Mentoring

Outside of sporting sponsorships, Renew IT has supported foundations such as the University of Western Australia Guild’s program, Inspiring Minds Mentoring.

Inspiring Minds was launched in 2020 in response to COVID-19, providing distance education and mentoring to children of non-essential workers. This volunteer program was developed in May 2020 as an urgent response to the COVID-19 pandemic in which children of nonessential workers were asked to stay home from school and undertake distance learning. This situation posed significant issues for many families who face additional barriers to supporting their children’s education from home.

Inspiring Minds Mentoring program aims to create ongoing support to families and primary school children by linking them to enthusiastic volunteer students for weekly mentoring sessions.

Renew IT donated 11 laptops to the cohort to ensure all children have access to IT and participate in the program. By working closely with over 800-primary schools across Western Australia alone, Renew IT was contacted by a small family going through financial and personal hardship after losing a much-loved brother and son. With the family unable to afford a new laptop to prepare their son for his high school journey, Renew IT donated a high-quality Apple MacBook Air. Not only did the young boy have a laptop fit for his impending increase of school workload, he also had a device that would see him throughout his high schooling journey.

Computers with a Conscience

Renew IT offer similar donation schemes through the businesses’ program, ‘Computers with a Conscience’.

Through this scheme, Renew IT donates a wide range of IT Equipment and accessories to schools and communities in low-socioeconomic communities. Through high-quality products such as iPads, Computers, Laptop Trolleys to securely store classroom resources and support, Renew IT aim to equip the next generation with the resources they need to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Renew IT was involved recently with one of our partners, Quadrent, in donating 100 laptops to underfunded schools across Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. The aim was to give children from lower income backgrounds the opportunity to engage with technology and improve learning outcomes. The program was well received by the schools and the families providing an opportunity that otherwise would not have existed for them.

We also recently worked with our corporate customer, Mitsui, to donate 50 of their used Toshiba laptops back to underfunded schools. This helped Mitsui to fulfill their corporate social responsibility mandate and also gave children access to devices. Again, the key outcome here is improved learning opportunities for children through refurbished technology.