How do we process smartphones?

“Phonecheck™ is a fully automated all in one IOS and Android phone diagnostics and data destruction software application.”

Our diagnostics procedure includes

  • Connect up to 32 phones to one workstation (Fully Scalable to add multiple workstations)
  • Automatically the Diagnostics tool runs
  • Allow the software to complete the erasure process
  • Validate the successful completion of the data erasure
  • Remove asset from data erasure network
  • Label is then automatically printed for each phone showing diagnostics results
  • This process takes 10 minutes per workstation
  • Fully Scalable solution to suit increased workloads

RenewIT is the exclusive Australian Partner for leading smartphone industry software Phonecheck™.

Key Benefits of the Program

Our solutions have the ability to rapidly upscale, additional workstations can be added to our existing lab and additional team members brought in to process.

10 x Workstations = 320 Phones per hour tested and wiped. During the busiest of return times this is more than enough to meet current demands.

RenewIT can add value to your project by increasing net gain in the following areas to convert C/D asset classes into A/B :

  • LCD/Screen replacement for any cracked phones
  • Battery replacement
  • Microphone/speaker replacement

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